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Uncharted Waters | About Us

Based and designed in Beverly Hills, California, we only use top-quality materials in our clothes and produce them in factories that follow all European manufacturing standards. When we founded the company, we wanted it to be: eco-friendly, vegan, and sui generis. Today, Uncharted Waters is pursuing its mission through meaningful designs that don’t go unnoticed. Every single designed piece has a deep meaning and is inspired by natural elements.


Mission Statement

At Uncharted Waters, we aim to create contemporary, versatile, sustainable clothing with a unique and eccentric design. We are convinced that there is no viable alternative to sustainable fashion, which is why we meet the highest manufacturing standards at all stages of our supply chain. In addition, we don’t want to leave harmful traces behind us and are committed to reducing the relics of others by cleaning up the oceans from plastic and planting trees.

Key Values

Not only words but facts: all our products are vegan and made from 100% sustainable raw materials like organic cotton and recycled materials.