Toast To The Shark Eco-friendly Unisex Hoodie

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Our Carbon Footprint

Energy consumption
0.32 kWh / garment

Water consumption
24.5 litres / garment

CO2 emissions
0.27 kg / garment

Plants 10 mangrove trees You can track your impact after purchase.
Did you know that up to 100 million sharks are killed every year? Insane! Toast to the Shark is a sustainable hoodie with a quirky and unique design that wants to celebrate this amazing marine creature. But we went even further: Toast to the Shark helps to recover plastic bottles from the ocean, is made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, saves water and reduces CO2 emissions. We’re on a mission to make the world a better place for all living beings. Toast to you for choosing us!

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